A: We have a List of lumber suppliers on our web site that may have a source, however, long sheets are not required. Marine plywood will give you peace of mind in addition to all the advantages listed above. Plywood offers all the inherent advantages of the parent wood plus enhanced properties in its laminated structure. For using MDF as shelving, it will not hold as much weight as plywood or solid wood without bowing, so they should either be shorter, or have more vertical supports, or have reinforcement on the front and back edges. It’s stainable, which makes it perfect for kitchen cabinets, table tops, and other projects where you want a large stained wood surface. For joists spaced more than 19.2 inches on center, the minimum thickness for plywood is 7/8 inch and for OSB, 1 inch.

Wear and Tear – No matter which plywood sheets you buy, whether pine, birch or oak, or how many protective finishing coats you apply, they are never going to be as durable or as aesthetically perfect as expensive solid or engineered hardwood flooring A DIY plywood floor is specifically suited to those looking for a more rough and ready” finish. Plywood grades are N, A, B. C, and D. The D grade has several surface defects such as graining and knotting, while the N grade has few of these.

The National Oak Flooring Association (NOFA) in Memphis recommends either 5/8-inch and thicker plywood, 3/4-inch osb or 1-x6-inch dense, group1 softwood boards installed at a diagonal under hardwood flooring. More recently, tropical producers have become dominant in the marine plywood market. Using a circular saw with the depth of the blade at 1/2 in (13 mm) deeper than the plywood sheet, cut the plywood to size.

I’d guess the last time they were refinished was easily 30+ years ago.) When we painted the floor in the room above the kitchen white, everyone said it would need to be repainted in a year or two, but now it’s almost 5 years later and we’re still totally chip-free! Australian standards limit the amount of formaldehyde that can be released from reconstituted wood based panels and flooring (see For more information below).

PLYRON is ideal for work surfaces, fixtures, built-ins, cabinets and doors, underlayment and industrial uses. For guaranteed long term performance in full exterior applications, such as exterior cladding, it is imperative that the plywood be rot-proofed. Shuttering boxes are used in the construction industry to contain concrete while it sets. The most important consideration in choosing the right plywood for a particular use is the type of adhesive used to bond the veneers together. Different thickness veneers are utilized to achieve varying plywood thicknesses. Baltic birch is a good choice for cabinets that go under sinks because of the exterior grade adhesive it’s laminated with.

7 Free Access To Free Woodworking Plans And Projects

Here are your search results for round tables free woodworking plans, project instructions and blueprints. With all of the money I saved building this table myself, I splurged on some metal chairs ���� I purchased these at Target I had my heart set on a more expensive chair from another store but, I needed 6 of these. The artisans in his table workshop have over 60 years of combined woodworking experience. To start, we can shed the contract of Amir Johnson and allow free agents Tyler Zeller and Jared Sullinger to walk. Also, I tried to access the link to view your table in it’s final setting but the link didn’t work.

I appreciated it so much on this table because I was drilling though both 2x boards and 1x boards! At the link you will find the free woodworking instructions to build this side table including the free templates for the legs. Uo115.. Some jobs are very good that you may get a good cash with, giving some time sticking with your pc.. But the main problem is we don’t know where to find such kind of jobs in a bulk of may look here , with little effort you may easily reach $7-6k a week and its totally free.

Ps225.. Some jobs are very good that you may get a good cash with, giving some time sticking with your pc.. But the main problem is we don’t know where to find such kind of jobs in a bulk of may look here , with little effort you may easily reach $7-6k a week and its totally free. This was their main dining area and it was completely disfunctional and closed off from the kitchen and the rest of the home.

And maybe the idea of cancelling plans is just something we’re talking about more because introversion is trending or something. Total Workshop search results: 29. Displaying Page 1 of your woodworking search phrase ROUND OUTDOOR TABLE. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of making another table top like this one, so I did a much easier and quicker solution…stain-grade plywood with decorative moulding attached to the edges.

Get adjustable height folding tables direct from the Lifetime online store with Free Shipping. If you follow us on Instagram , you may have seen a couple of sneak peaks of the building process and may have even tried to take a guess at what it was going to be. Well, how about a round table that seats 6 for only $110!!!!! A set of these bistro chairs would be fabulous around an outdoor patio table without taking up a lot of space. No sadly, as I mentioned above, my table top ended up splitting, starting at a knot on the edge and going clear across the top (pre-drill those holes!!!), so I had to come up with another solution.

How To Make Fondant Icing Figures

To make these flowers is not so difficult as it may seem, although it requires a great dose of time, practice and patience, of course; but seeing the results, I think it’s worth to give it a try. I want to make cupcake toppers (all types, flowers, monograms on circles, etc….not 3d figurines) and I am still not sure on what is best to use. When I do a cake I do the icing, then all the fondant and then the details are the last thing I would do. Gumpaste should be stored on the counter just make sure that you store it in a ziplock baggie and then into a container with a lid… should never be put in the fridge. A bakery-made pound cake is used to make the petit fours, but if you have a homemade version at hand, by all means, use it!

After it is cooked, fondant can be beaten and kneaded until it is pliable, then formed into decorations or candy. I am a beginner to using fondant… I went to the cake shop and got pink fondant.. (the only shade they had) Just opened it and it is BRIGHT pink.. I am making pigs.. it is way to pink.. HELP!!!! Try adding a little more powder sugar, them after a while if it is still sticky then just add some vegetable fat (shortening as I call it) to your hands and knead the fondant it should cut down on the stickiness for you. The first strip of fondant determines how large of a flower you are going to have. I think it is because the fondant won’t act” correctly for an extended length of time.

Now for the fun part— Decide how big of a flower you want to make, and use a paint brush to brush on some piping gel where your first strip will be placed. Thanking you in advance and thank you for bringing such wonderful talent and inspiration to the cake decorating profession! Learn key techniques right from the very start with this excellent sugar flower primer with three stunning floral wedding cakes to create. The Rice Krispy Treats did not harden and when I tried to insert the dowel it began to spread out and crumble the fondant. A NOTE ABOUT GUMPASTE COLOR: I use a very pale base color for my hydrangea unless the finished flowers are going to be white.

Before Megan came, I knew we would be tackling fondant cupcakes and we both went on an internet hunt for fun and easy ideas to try. Rub it in a circle at the center to form the cup of the petal shape and then rub it at the edges to make the very edge thinner than the rest of the petal. I use it with the quilters cutting mat and the rotary cutting tool they are awesome when cutting strips of fondant or making corners. Rudraiyoti, yes cmc powder is the same that is added to ice cream amd yes you use cmc powder to make gumpaste. As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted to find those little blue fondant flower molds and make a bunch to add to my cookies.

I would suggest that you make the decorations at least 2 days before you plan to decorate. Use different size cutters and 2 or 3 different types of chocolate for various sized leaves. My thoughts: I realize this entire post is a far stretch from the EASY” in Easybaked”…but it was honestly not as difficult as I thought it would be. I can see myself making fun embellishments for topping off regular cupcakes in the future now that I know how simple fondant is to make. These fondant flowers are whimsical, modern and fun — in addition to being fast and easy to create!

Place a seed-shaped ball of fondant at the end of a skewer or toothpick to help you form the flower around it. The height of the seed determines the rough height of the rose. If it sticks give it a shake and next time very lightly dust the flower part of the cutter with icing sugar. I read some articles and some of them suggests to use 50/50 mix of fondant and gumpaste.

If you don’t have a silicone mold to make the flower centres just take a small piece of orange fondant and make a small ball. Okay, so if you have made some of your flowers ahead of time that are dry, you have many options, of course, and depending on where you want the placement of your flower whether it’s, where it’s standing, like at an angle on your cake, which always looks great or take one of your fresh flowers, where then it will form to your cake.

In fact, my one year old was scavenging the fondant off of all of our plates at the party this evening. For both the flower petals and the center piece, you will need two different colors. Now you need to make a small hook at the end of you wire and add some gum-paste glue (not too much or this next part won’t work). The cake is to be auctioned, so I want it to taste as delicious as it will look.

Once a figurine has been made with sugarpaste and stored in an air tight box, how long can it be kept and still be edible. You can also follow the same instructions to make different colored pansies such as the classic purple and yellow ones. There are two recipes involved~ a thick buttercream that acts like a glue on the top of each cupcake and the actual fondant recipe. Once you cut out the circles that you need, roll excess fondant into a ball and wrap with plastic wrap. Feel free to read this prior blog post showing you some of the differences between what a fondant molded center looks like versus a candy melt.

The edges on one side get ruffled and then the ruffles are glued onto the cake in a circle that will be the outside of the flower. However, since I want to make the cake unique I was going to make flowers out of fondant to place onto the cake. Florist paste is perfect for flowers as it is elastic allowing you to shape flower petals using something like a ball tool for frilling the edges.

Finish by cutting little leave shapes out of green icing and stick to the underside of the rose. I use it for all kinds of things, for making ‘eye holes’, adding details to sugar work and for getting small pieces of fondant out of moulds and the tips of icing nozzles. Even though I waited until the last minute, the great thing about gumpaste cake decorations is that they can be made weeks, even months ahead of time. My question is do I color the fondant first and then add the tylose or do I add the tylose to white fondant and then add my color. Make sure that you put under the fondant a thick ½-inch layer of the buttercream icing that I recommend.

Be sure to cover the remaining fondant with plastic wrap or replace in the zip-top bag. The heat from the oven is dry, and it’ll rid the fondant of moisture, and though the fondant is still soft when it comes out, it doesn’t lose shape and it hardened up when it was allowed to cool for a few minutes. I don’t weigh it I just sprinkle a little on the sugarpaste and knead it in really well. Roll out the fondant with a rolling pin until it is 1.5 centimeter (0.6 in) thick, 15 centimeter (5.9 in) in width and 20 centimeter (7.9 in) in length. I made this cake for my 3 year old nieces birthday it came out much better than I expected.

Wooden Knife Handles Got Put Through Dishwasher

Was at Goodwill this morning, and they had a set of kitchen knives in a wood knife block, set was sold at Hudson’s originally, high carbon stainless steel blades with an excellent edge on all but one knife. These materials can be metal, synthetic or natural and each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Acrylized wood fibers do not compress as much as regular wood so it holds carving detail better. I give the handles a 24 hour soak in Danish Oil but they will benefit from further treatments. If you have a wood handle it needs to be cleaned and oiled regularly If you have a metal or bone handle then make sure it doesn’t stay wet or moist for extended periods of time. I achieve 100 percent penetration of an acrylic impregnated wood.” Hartman embellished the point. One of my favorite wood finishes is equal parts shellac, boiled linseed oil, and turpentine.

Not wanting to spend days trying to fit the new scales to that mess I did the only reasonable thing: I took a smoothing file and cut the bolster flat and square to the tang, making for a much simpler joint. After the wood has been completely penetrated or infused with the chemicals the wood is then heat cured in ovens. Even though you shouldn’t soak a knife or put it in a dishwasher, you should still wash the knife and its handle often. Stabilized wood rarely (if ever) changes and offers less character – yet is stronger overall.

Trench knife : Purpose-made or improvised knives, intended for close-quarter fighting, particularly in trench warfare Some having a d-shaped integral hand guard. Take some gunstock oil or similar and smear it on. You have yourself a knife with handles made by you for you. I tried maneuvering the scales and tang to get the best fit at the bolster, then set all of the rivets, but taking care not to over-drive them lest I split the scales. I rarely use it on knife handles, because of the sealing required, but it works well as an accent material and on stands and boxes.

I cut a series of the relief cuts from the outside of the block up to the line where I marked the handle shape then removed the excess in short sections cutting as close to the line as I could. High shock resistance leads to its use in handles, looms, wooden gear cogs, high class furniture flooring and stair treads because of its great resistance to wear.

I really like the finishes and styles that Jens Anso uses on his handles and the styles of his knives! I have no one else to blame for the sorry state of the wood handles on my knives. It’s a very dense wood with lots of resin in it, a bit oily, plus it’s gorgeous and one of my favourite woods. Abalone is a material that knife manufacturers use to make the handles of high-end knives. I’d stick with a non-reactive oil like mineral or a polymerizing oil like tung and pure linseed. I like a bit of wax on the handle after finish, but that is merely my preference.

3WAY Freestanding Portable Hammock One C

The 3 WAY hammock that can be used as hammock, chair and hanger rack will deliver the luxurious daily. Whenever I use a hammock, whether slung between trees or tripods, I always test it by pushing down on the material of the hammock first, then I sit in it gently before finally lying back into it. This tests all your knots, tightens them up and gives you confidence that everything is ok. We also have a beautiful hammock stand made out of larch For those who want to store their hammock stand during winter we have hammock stands available that are easy to take apart. This all in one wooden hammock stand is a great choice for anyone who wants to add a bit of style to their yard without spending more than $200. The first step of the outdoor project is to build the frame of the hammock stand.

Plus the hammock features a net design on the side which offers a different style to a traditional hammock. It is essential to insert at least 2 bolts trough both support, as to get a rigid structure. The two pictures below show two free-standing hammocks I made, one with green wood and one from machined wood. This hammock stand with hammock will bring you endless hours of calm and relaxation. The stand is made using 100% imported natural Russian Pine wood and has a varnish coat for added protection. Over 2 years ago – Alert parents: Our hanging bag Joki is the best christmas gift you can give to your child.

Each layer is hand bent and radio frequency glued to form thicker heavier beams that are characteristically arc shaped. If imitation truly is the highest form of flattery, then our sumptuously curved Southern cypress hammock stand, with its four-layer beams of Southern cypress, should feel mighty proud indeed! Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the hammock stand and return it to Hayneedle.

My friend Paul Bradley (Bardster) cracked all this with a hammock stand he made that had 10″ screw anchors and used top-quality non-stretch rope. There are many types of the hammock stands that you can buy or make: metal hammock stand, wooden hammock stand, arc hammock stand, classic frame hammock stand. A hammock should not only feel like a simple sheet that you relax on outside, it should make you feel like your bed. Not only did I need anchors to stop the tripod from toppling over, I needed to set up further spikes on the tripod to give it extra strength and keep it in place.

Jumbo depicts the size as being a size above large… this fits the bill with this hammock exceptionally well. If your hammock is going to be kept outdoors, a stainless steel stand might be worth investing in, as it will resist rust and weather-wear very successfully. The international certification system of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) guarantees that the respective wood is sourced from ecologically and socially sustainable forestry.

Buy Or Sell CDs, DVDs, Blu

Wood CD or Wood DVD Packaging is a completely new concept in custom designed packaging for CDs, DVDs, marketing kits and multi media presentations. The fantastically affordable stylish and convenient wooden DVD Rack CD Storage Tower unit allows you to keep all your media products together neatly for clutter-free living. No matter what style, finish, or wood you choose, from a stately, rustic pine or oak, to cool industrial metal, look for a storage cabinet or tower that sits stable on your floor without wobbling.

The surface of the box is matte/semimatte, natural wood grain is visible through the staining. The case uses butterfly catches which allow for the lid and front cover to be removed and a rear access door is also fitted. A wood cd storage cabinet, if it has adjustable shelves, can also double as a bookcase or display case for collectibles and knick-knacks.

These company accept finished batches of assembled CD cases every week and pay you within 72 hours of approving your work. The DVD wood packaging case can be engraved or have information burnt onto it to add to the uniqueness of the product, or can also be imprinted with 4 colors. You can work a few product assembling companies that assemble high quality CD cases. If you plan to paint your CD tower or spray it with pigmented lacquer, you probably don’t need to make it from anything more sophisticated than medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

Amazing tidy record and CD storage in Copenhagen apartment that belongs to Stella magazine founder Laura Terp Hansen, and her architect boyfriend, Jesper Roth. The material of the wood case itself can be made of solid wood, but a more eco-friendly solution is the use of MDF with a wood veneer. Knotty softwoods tend to warp around the knots, and warping will be especially noticeable in a tall, narrow structure like a CD tower. For DVD or CD marketing kits, cd or dvd duplication, replication, packaging and mailing solutions, call us at 954 533 4502.

Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication has extensive experience in designing special edition CD or DVD packaging for the music and movie industries, promotional items, financial seminars, faith-based, self-help, training and educational videos. With free postage on some orders, your new or used CD rack will be shipped right to you and you can get started putting your CDs in order for easier entertaining. Every order is custom printed for the person who ordered it and therefore can not be resold.

A well made wood twin CD Player and Mixer case in a 2U-6U-2U formation for use with most twin CD players and 19 inch x 6U rack mount mixers.) Finished in dark grey carpet with lift off hinges locking catches, corner protectors and carry handle. In the pictures are custom CD/ DVD case for music lovers, but you can too save your memories of your wedding day, travel, family or other your special occasion with your picture. All of these materials look best with a finish, and using one gives you the option of staining the wood to better blend with your room decor before finishing.

DIY Wingback Headboard Tutorial With FREE Pattern

A diy platform bed with storage is one of the best ways to maximize living space in a small bedroom Even a large and spacious master bedroom can be decorated in style by using a modern platform bed as the focal point of the room. I also bought an unfinished pine dresser from ikea (link below if you want to see it) that I’d like to stain to match the headboard when it’s complete. I promised my girlfriend when I moved in with her that I would make her a bed frame instead of shopping for one. As for your question…Because the bed is so low, I wouldn’t really recommend trying to attach the headboard to the frame. And somehow just reading through her plans gave me the confidence to make this bed happen.

What helps is to make sure the fabric isn’t pulled too tight when you first start…then keep moving from the center outwards. Instead of heading out to the furniture store to buy a new headboard, you can make one yourself. My super smart tip to you that I didn’t figure out until I was halfway through; hot glue the pusher to a wooden paint stir stick so you don’t catch your fingers while trying to hammer it in place!

In order to have fabric long enough for the wings, I sewed a piece to the bottom of the fabric. Connect the headboard using 1/4-20 connector bolts and nuts tightened using two Allen wrenches. When I first saw the headboard idea on Beth’s blog I tucked that idea in my head (I loved it!), I might have saved the picture too. Once all said and done our king sized bed fit perfectly with these measurements.

Project plans include dimensions for a twin-, full-, queen-, or king-size mattress (no need for box springs with this platform bed). I have a queen, so I measured the width of the mattress and added an inch so the headboard would be slightly wider. And they do make sanding pads—special pads for routing and sanding that you can use in a workshop. Include a staple every 2 inches to ensure the fabric is secure, and trim any excess off the edges.

Instead of buying new fabric we bought antique metal buttons instead and it gives it a great look too. I like the sturdiness of this bed so I made one like it but I took it one step further by adding some pull-out storage drawers underneath. TIP: If there are any holes blocked off in the back by the frame, drill all the way through the frame itself so you have full tufting access.

Carpentry, Woodworking

When Veritas redesigned its bevel-down bench planes, the Canadian company started from scratch. Mf mh. The updated Veritas series continues the tradition of lightweight design and superior sensitivity with a renewed focus on strength. I am sure others have an entirely different story and perhaps here in the UK things are a little nearer and thereby tighter in terms of distances than the US and other long-distance separations. To me this tendency seems to lift the wood ahead of the blade if the bevel is at a low angle. Let me start out by saying I love Veritas tools and thank the man who engineers them.

Not including molding or combination planes, there are four basic plane blade profiles: straight, round, crowned, and rounded corners. I met a senior guy in one of the UK tool companies (a while ago and can’t remember which company) who said that he had been to visit Lee Valley and they had a huge room with thousands of planes in it from all over the world.

For the first thing that happens with any plane that comes into this workshop is that it goes on that surface plate and is checked against the manufacturers specification for flatness by placing a feeler gauge all round it. I think that three thou is the going rate for flat. The plane, out of the box, came with a standard Veritas medium tote and a standard front knob. Unfortunately bevel-up planes don’t react as well with a lot of camber, but a little bit of camber should be fine.

Cutting rabbets, tongues, grooves, shoulders, dados, beads, & moldings is such a huge part of traditional woodworking and joinery. When I first started with hand tools, I took a hand plane class at a local wood specialty store. TL;DR Got a Veritas Custom #4, good plane with interesting features once tuned, blade came duller than a butter knife. I never liked using that plane with the original Veritas handles, so it sat on the shelf collecting rust and dust, but with Bill’s handles it has now become one of my favorite planes. Because to properly tune up a hand plane you need to know how a plane is suppose to work, act, feel, and respond.

That was until Veritas unveiled its new No. 4-1/2 smoothing plane, based on the venerable Norris adjusting mechanism. Wood Solar lux dye retarder to the remaining 50% is credited the body and without twisting aluminum round fluted columns with walnut cedar teak mahogany redwood, even a new house want mixture provide plenty of support plane. It looks like these planes are identical version of the Woodriver planes sold in the US without the brand name on the cap iron. Getting the plane started in the cut requires the most effort; after that, inertia takes over and the tool isn’t difficult to push. Veritas have become the market leader in product development to meet the needs of discerning woodworkers.

Wood Veneer Finishing Methods

In Part 2 we spent a lot of time sanding the wood to clean up any stripper residue and remove scratches. I was a smidge panicked with the result at first (although I had read that a bleach mixture is a commonly recommended deck cleaner) but in the end it was the exact blank slate that we needed to apply a nice even coat of stain. If those spots of stain are left on the deck, they will show through the new finish and detract from the deck’s final appearance. If you were planning on spraying a no-wipe stain or dye, you would need to get a smaller needle set, probably around a 1 mm. Then you would do the same thing until you get a nice streak free coating. Simply clean with a bleach solution, let dry thoroughly and apply by brush, roller or spray.

We tried both methods and both worked, but being woodworkers at heart, the wipe off method colored the wood nicely and still left the grain showing through. Always use the lowest air pressure (PSI) to achieve the desired aesthetic results in the stain application process. If you’re in area with a fair amount of moisture and humidity, waterborne, synthetic stains, like DEFY Wood Stains, have some real advantages.

Tung oil finish may be best for interior furniture while exterior spar urethane or marine varnish may be best on a boat. The time you wait doesn’t matter, because wood absorption goes to zero with time. This ended up being a great option for us. The Tint allows you to still see wood grain while giving your deck a pretty color and a protective finish in one step! While gel stain does go on thick and sit on the surface of the wood, I found that you can still see and feel the natural wood grain beneath, unlike paint. Both parts of the M.L. Campbell stain system are acetone-based, so they can be cleaned up with acetone, which is also known as nail polish remover.

A simple overhead conveyor system can be designed to move wood products through several wood finishing processes in a continuous loop. If your stain system does not provide the results that you expect in appearance, or are not user friendly to apply, you should consult with your coating vendor for a different formulation to correct the problem. I purchased it several years ago and have never done anything to protect the raw wood.

I didn’t notice that when I used the HomeRight sprayer And since there is no way to adjust the spray pattern or size, you might find that you have a tad bit more overspray with these cans that you would a project sprayer. The Razor from Sharpe with a 1.0 tip set creates a full smoke like spray pattern great for staining and matching larger surfaces like table and cabinets.

25 DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects For Your Homes Outdoor

If you want to fill your garden space with less costly and comfortable bench or seat, you should follow the following, amazing and fun ideas to craft your own furniture. Mike has been elected as a Fellow in SWST, International Academy of Wood Science, and Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining. I hope you have enjoyed this video series and I also hope that you have gained enough confidence to start your own woodworking projects. So if you want a challenge, just imagine me handing you a small piece of wood and saying, make something”.

All those with dispositions towards wood crafting will find these thoughts would be the ideal to begin with as they’re rather easy help acquire the required abilities for larger scale jobs and to make in the beginning. Enjoy creating a new craft and watch your kids’ confidence grow as they learn a fun, new skill. This fantastic and simple wooden arrow project is easy to accomplish with a little craft wood, a miter saw , and a right angle. The box would also look very nice with the sides and front/back panels machined in contrasting wood colors.

It would also be of interest for the vocational person who just wants to design and make wood projects or crafts for a hobby. We hope you will find this project interesting and informative as you look over thecrv files and proceed through the machining and build process. I remember the first project that I did with one of my son’s when he was 8 years old.

I’ve been noticing the use of iron pipes and connections lately for woodworking and furniture projects. Wooden Figure Key Hanger – This is a great project to celebrate a special occasion such as Mother’s or Father’s Day. This project is cut from glued up materials or can be cut from plywood and painted to ones liking. Whatever your tastes and talents, we’re sure you’ll find a plan for a project you’ll enjoy and your friends will admire. Overview: A great way to turn shop scraps into puzzles fun for all ages, the wooden know puzzle has been around for years, but now can easily be cut with the ShopBot.

If used indoors, the project could be modified to integrate a frame to display a family photo, white board or cork board for messages, calendar holder, hooks to hold keys, and so on. Lots of possibilities, if one uses their imagination. For the ultra-organized, Build-Basic shows us where everything needs to go, and gives us the plans to build it. The warm texture, intricate woodgrain, and brass drawer hardware all add to the overall cozy look of this living room piece, making it look more like an heirloom than a repurposed wood project.

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